Down from His throne room of heavenly splendor,
Down from the Father’s unbroken concord;
Christ stooped from glory in humble surrender.
Took on Him flesh as the incarnate LORD.

Wandering on earth with the poor and the outcast;
Wandering with no place to lay down his head;
Christ felt in all points the plight of the sin-cursed
Healed the hurting and raised the dead.

Led to His trial like lamb to the slaughter;
Led to the cross where He suffered and bled.
Bearing God’s anger to ransom the debtor;
Struck by the serpent, He crushed Satan’s head!

Risen to heaven exalted, victorious;
Risen and crowned at the Father’s right hand;
King and High Priest, Jesus sits ever glorious;
Ruling His people and pleading for them.


How could He love me, a sinner unclean?
Why should He save me, who crucified Him!
Gladly I’ll give Him my heart’s adoration,
Yield Him my service and follow His Word.