Is homosexuality the real issue?

I strongly dislike writing about homosexuality. I would much rather write articles that are biblically thoughtful and scripturally encouraging. But partially due to the extreme need of the church for defenders in this hour, and partially because the controversy came to me, like the prophets of old, “In my heart it became like a burning fire shut up in my bones; and I am weary of holding it in, and I cannot endure it.”

I must respond one more time*, because of comments I’ve received like this:

Evangelical Christianity cares more about their interpretation of four passages in scripture than they care about the pervasive biblical mandate to care for the hungry, the weak, the impoverished . . .

. . . This isn’t about marriage. This is about the way that American Christianity has abandoned the gospel mandate due to a heightened fixation on a specific social ethic.

This is about how we have lost our ability to love others even through our disagreements.

This is about how one issue has so divided Western Christianity that we have clearly lost our way.” ~ 

You’ll also encounter people saying things like another comment I received last week:

Jesus also said that anyone who divorces and remarries for anything other than infidelity is committing adultery. Should World Vision also refuse to hire remarried people? Jesus said if you are angry with someone you have committed murder in your heart, should World Vision also refuse to hire people who get angry from time to time? Jesus said that if a man looks lustfully at a woman he has committed adultery in his heart, should World Vision also refuse to hire anyone who ever looked lustfully at another person?”

It’s not just a sin, it’s an agenda.

I certainly agree that the issue is not marriage or homosexuality per se.  I personally tend to think homosexuality is not a more damning sin than any other sexual sin. Some may disagree because God emphatically calls it an “abomination”. Homosexuality is certainly an outright, blatant, assault on the natural order God created. It is mankind shaking his fist in the face of his Creator. It is a sin “against nature” (Romans 1:26-27).

And that’s what fuels the belligerence of the gay agenda. It is a systematic, organized attack against God and against any norms of culture in line with His prescribed order. That’s partially what makes this issue worse than adultery or fornication. Many people would admit that adultery is wrong (which is why World Vision kept rules against it though its doubtful that they would be enforced). Cheating on someone is still frowned upon in society at large. But the gay agenda is pushing for homosexual marriage to be accepted as the norm. They are not happy with publicity and popularity. No, they want imposition of their lifestyle upon society. And according to Ezekiel 33:6 any watchman who does not sound an alarm against the advance of evil is complicit with it.

The authority of Scripture is the real issue.

What is far worse than homosexuality, in my view, is for so-called Christians to twist God’s Word in an attempt to support that lifestyle or to outright reject the authority of the Bible in order to gain the world’s approval. Somehow these “revisionists” believe they have progressed beyond the “troglodyte” perspectives of the biblical writers and the corpus of the Church. They reason that they can replace biblical morality and somehow still hold onto “the gospel mandate.”

The truth is, if you deny the authority of Scripture, you deny the gospel. If you condone what God calls sin, you are saying Christ’s death was in vain, a mere example of how to love others. This is a false gospel! It is something to take seriously. Paul said this of those preaching a false gospel:

If any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed!” (Galatians 1:9)

You cannot love without hate.

It sounds like Paul was guilty of hate speech doesn’t it? Not if you read how tenderly Paul cared for and taught his fellow believers throughout his epistles.  You see, if you truly love, you will also truly hate. You cannot truly love your spouse without a certain degree of righteous anger against any who would hurt that person. In the same way, either you will love God and His Word and His people and hate evil (Psalm 97:10) or you love the world and condone sin and endorse those who hate God. There is no middle ground. Christians who love the world to the point that they will reject the true gospel are casting their lot with those who hate God.

I don’t like to be combative, but I’m willing to stand for what I believe is infallible truth. I’m not afraid of the persecution that will inevitably come soon. In a way, I’m glad for the fiery trial that will refine the true Church. I believe that those who capitulate to the world will ironically lose their relevance as they lose their message of redemption. I think those on the fence will eventually turn their backs on Christianity altogether.

So which side are you on?

*I plan for this to be the last article I write on this topic. I have cast my lot with the righteous. My conscience is clear.