This post is part of a personal project of writing poetry based on the Psalms.  The psalms are poetry and meant to be read as such, but the poetic sense is often lost in translation.  This project seeks to find the poetic devices in the Psalms and apply them in to a new poem for a similar message and effect.

This poem takes some of the imagery used in Psalm 2 and combines it with the metaphor of a chihuahua acting bigger than it really is to depict the vain imaginations of man striving against God.  

There’s a very small chihuahua down the block from here,

With one great imagination and two pointy ears.

He’s the alpha self-appointed leader of the pack,

Which consists of next door neighbors barking through the crack.

Every time this dog is taken walking in the park,

All he does is snap at bigger dogs and bark, bark, bark.

“Ima break this leash apart and come and tear you up!”

But he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s just a pup.

Why, O silly little doggie, do you rage and plot?

Oh, you think you’re “dominator” but you’re really not.

With no one to feed and shelter where would you be then?

So come over here and wag your tail and lick my hand.

Chihuahua Imaginations


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