The rise of the american despot

Many Americans are afraid. They are afraid that their way of life is being taken away by ISIS, outsourcing, political correctness, and increasing ethnic/racial diversity. They are afraid of becoming the marginalized minority. They are afraid of losing the American dream.

So they are looking for a leader who they think will destroy their enemies. They don’t much care how he does it or what atrocities he commits in the process. They just want to protect their comfortable lifestyle by any means possible. They are not confident that normal democratic processes or “establishment candidates” will do the job, so they turn to someone who will wield power, not principle. They are willing to set aside what they know is right because they are too weak and lazy to face their fears.

The problem is that fear blinds people to consequences. Historically, the worst tyrants and despots this world has known have risen to power on a tidal wave of fear. Fear was rampant in post-WWI defeated Germany, and Germans blindly gave power to a man who shared their anger and vowed to “make Germany great again”. Lenin and Stalin came to power on the crest of anger and dissatisfaction with economic troubles brought on by World War I. For every evil despot that has ever ruled there is a story of fear prompting people to ignore morals and allow the abuse of power to forcibly protect their interests.

Could it happen in America? Tragically, yes. We may even be on the brink of it now. Americans have become so morally weak and entitled that nothing is more important to them than their comfort and way of life. Even self-described “evangelicals” have demonstrated a willingness to ignore what is right and vote for a wicked tyrant who “has their corner”. But if he comes to power, long will they rue the day they cast their lot with him. Beware the rise of the American despot.