Bent Tree

A few weeks ago at the peak of this delightful autumn, I noticed a colorful tree in particular because of it’s unusual shape.  It had been bent or broken at some point early in its life, yet it had continued to grow upward, reaching toward the sun. The scars of its past were quite visible; yet it was a thing of beauty, reflecting its Creator even in its imperfection.

I continued to muse, thinking back upon my own scars and how God has sovereignly orchestrated even difficult events in my life for my good and His glory.  Each of us is not unlike that tree.  God’s sovereignty stretches beyond the mere circumstances or happenings that affect us.  It extends even to our responses to those circumstances.

And yet, God directs our responses without controlling our responses like a puppet master. This tree did not have to be retrained to grow upward after its injury. The tree naturally seeks the sun, the source of its life.  And so should you and I “look to the Lord for strength; seek His face always” (Psalm 105:4). A regenerated heart looks to the Lord even in the midst of trying circumstances.

The pain and scars are real.  They will remain.  But they should not prevent us from growing ever upward.