a beautiful unborn life

Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday.  It is fitting to spend some time in sober reflection about the worst human rights tragedy in the history of the world.  Since 1980 over 1.2 billion abortions have been committed.(1)  That’s over 200 times the amount of lives ended in the Holocaust!

Many Christians have become calloused to the idea.  They no longer think about the abortion industry, or at least they try not to think about it.  Although it should not be the primary focus of Christianity in general (but could be a major mission of specific Christians), we are obligated to be aware of the situation and burdened to pray and help however we can.  Here are some reasons you should maintain an awareness of abortion.

1. God calls us to show special care to those who are vulnerable.(2) Unborn infants are the absolutely most vulnerable members of society.

2. God cares about the life of even the smallest animals.(3)  A sparrow does not fall without his knowledge.  We too should care for every life, even if we will never see or know it.

3. Christ showed special attention to and care for children.(4) Elsewhere in Scripture we are taught to value children as well.  Certainly this applies to unborn children as well.

4. God requires us to “do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God”.(5) We should care when justice is not done in our society and innocent lives are sacrificed.

5. Every human life is created in the image of God.(6) God has an intimate connection with every human life. Destroying a life made in His image is a terrible sin against Him.

Thinking about the topic of abortion is admittedly uncomfortable, but Christians are not called to walk the easy path.  We are called to care about what God cares about.  And if we choose not to care, it will be a be a greater blot upon us than the shame deservedly heaped upon those Christians who overlooked the Holocaust.