Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and Don Miller

Kevin Miller recently published a thought provoking article on Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal discussing the trajectory of three celebrity evangelicals, Don Miller, Brian McLaren, and Rob Bell, away from evangelicalism.  He concludes that they “flew too close to the sun. But evangelicalism fitted them with wings of wax.”

Miller surmises that  “evangelicals need a loftier ecclesiology”.  As he describes it, that means more church authority and tradition to help corral those with unorthodox ideas.  He backs up his thesis, not with Scripture, but with the words of St. Cyprian: “He can no longer have God for his Father who has not the Church for his mother.”

It sounds to me like Kevin Miller himself is on a trajectory away from evangelicalism. The answer to the Rob Bells, Don Millers, and Brian McLarens is not a higher view of the authority of the  “Holy Church”, but a higher view of the authority of the Holy Scripture.  I believe the real problem with high-profile evangelicals is the celebrity culture within evangelicalism which promotes appearances and success above Scripture.